🗒️Admin Panel

Log infractions, manage loas, log promotions from one panel.

Admin Panel Overview

The Admin Panel is a comprehensive, centralized interface designed specifically for managers and administrators. Its main purpose is to streamline and simplify the management of various critical HR functions. The panel provides a one-stop solution for overseeing and executing operations related to:

  • Leaves of Absence: Facilitates an efficient process for handling all aspects of employee leaves, including vacation, sick leave, and other types of absences. Administrators can approve or deny leave requests.

  • Disciplinary Actions: Provides tools for documenting and managing actions taken in response to staff misconduct or performance issues. This section allows for the creation and maintenance of records related to warnings, and any other disciplinary measures, ensuring a clear history of actions taken and facilitating fair and consistent handling of HR issues.

  • Employee Promotions: Supports the management and implementation of employee advancement within the company. The panel enables HR managers to update staffs ranks upon promotion. It ensures a transparent and merit-based progression system that motivates and rewards staff.


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