Version 1.7


  • Custom Commands you can now create custom commands in /config

  • Data Manage you can now manage server data and configuration data from a command.


  • Modmail Update

    • /modmail alert - This will alert you for the next message sent from the user.

    • /modmail blacklist - You are able to blacklist members from opening modmails.

    • /modmail unblacklist - Does the opposite of modmail blacklist.

    • Online Transcripts - You can now view modmail discussions online.

    • You can now add modmail pings

    • Fixed Modmail Spam

    • Sends user information in modmail

  • Infraction Update

    • You can now jump to infractions.

    • You can now send anonymous infractions using a optional argument in /infract

    • You can now make infractions expire using a optional argument in /infract.

    • You can now see voided cases and expired cases in /infractions using a optional argurement

    • There is now infraction types on /admin panel

  • Configuration Update

    • You can now see what modules are disabled and enabled from the config menu dropdown!

    • Configuration data automatically updates

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